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All our Balinese coffees come from the Kintamani plateau, located in the center of the island, at the foot of Mount Batur. The machining of our coffee is done solely by Yon, the partner of Klasik Beans on the island of Bali, ensuring total traceability on these preparations. Produced from typica, caturra, Line S and hybrid varieties from Timor, Yon gathers ripe cherries from several producers in Bali, before preparing them. Tasting note: Bali will seduce you with its notes of chocolate, honey and final notes of red fruits. Features and information: Coffee species: arabica. Origin: Indonesia. Variety: red caturra, Timor hybrid, Line S, typica. Altitude: 1100 m. Process: 70% semi-washed/ 30% natural. Drying: on African beds. Score: 83+. Aromas/ Flavors: tropical fruits, coconuts, fresh almonds and citrus fruits.

Toya Coffee Whole Bean

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