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Sweet Extravagance | Natural ingredients toothpaste | LEBON Allow yourself a moment of self-kindness with this mouth-watering natural ingredients whitening toothpaste. The ultimate gift of self-love. Keep your teeth and your whole body healthy with Sweet Extravagance fluoride free toothpaste. A premium toothpaste, fluoride free and toxin free. | Vegan toothpaste | LEBON Rose + Orange Blossom + Mint With its audacious combination of mint and orange blossom, enhanced by a hint of rose, Sweet Extravagance is a your invitation to uninhibited delicacy. As the name exhorts, it is a tasty recipe for those who crave bursting sweetness without all the saccharine, for lovers who oscillate between the wafting scents of floral and fruity.

Sweet Extravagance

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