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The serial killer mask is the treatment to act on imperfections.

Targeted skin problems: spot or severe blemishes, blackheads, microcysts, visible pores. Especially indicated for oily skin and skin prone to hormonal acne.

Action on the skin: Green clay, rich in montmorillonite, traps impurities and toxins.

Zinc has bacteriostatic, anti-inflammatory and healing properties. A real "serial killer". Visible results from the first use


Galenic: powder that turns into a creamy and fresh jelly on contact with water.

The single-dose capsule is an innovative form of packaging, unique to LABOTE masks and peels

  • It preserves the stability, concentration and effectiveness of ingredients
  • Ultra clean, no preservatives
  • Ecological, its formula is waterless and its packaging in totally biodegradable cellulose
  • Ultra practical, it slips into the kit

The Serial Killer Mask

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