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This coffee comes from the Nyamagabe cooperative, located in the southern province of Rwanda, in the heart of the mountains that stretch from the Virunga Mountains on the Ugandan border to the Burundian border. Grown on a very rich volcanic soil, this coffee also benefits from an ideal climate for its production. It benefits from a natural shade. The combination of these natural factors ensures slow maturation of cherries and optimal development of the bourbon variety. This coffee comes from the cultivation of 100 producers in the area and it is prepared in the washing station of Remera.

Coffee species: arabica. Origin: Rwanda. Variety: red bourbon. Altitude: 1800 m. Process: washed. Drying: on African beds. Aromas/ Flavors: buttery notes, caramel, vanilla.

• Made in: France •

Whole Beans

Rwanda Coffee Whole Beans

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