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Rhythm is Love | Natural flavored toothpaste | LEBON Known for its sensual and euphoric properties. The natural ingredients such as Ylang Ylang helps to boost your spirits whilst the powers of Yuzu help clear your mind and build your inner strength. A premium natural whitening toothpaste, fluoride free and toxin free. | Vegan toothpaste | LEBON Yuzu + Ylang Ylang + Mint Rhythm is Love is an aromatic symphony that comes direct from the traditional Asian pharmacopoeia. Containing the sweetness of Ylang Ylang and tanginess of Yuzu, it is harmony in a tube. Though it might not replace a Tai-Chi session just yet, Rhythm is Love will give your self-care routine a touch of serenity, balance and mindfulness to travel to your own beat.

Rhythm Is Love

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