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The Bouquet de Rose organic liquid soap moisturizes sensitive and mature skin thanks to its base rich in cold-saponified organic vegetable oils. Organic Damask Rose, Geranium rosat, and Palmarosa essential oils tone, firm, and protect the epidermis while slowing down skin cell aging. This sulfate-free organic soap is suitable for all skin types, sensitive and mature skin will be able to find there precious nourishing and regenerating virtues.


Its slightly flowery rose scent is pure happiness. After use, your skin is completely purified. Cleansed of all its impurities, it is plumped and regains a new radiance.


✓ Surgras (does not dry out the skin)

✓ Cold saponified

✓ 100% Natural and Organic Ingredients

✓ Vegan and palm oil free

✓ Glass bottle

✓ Handmade in France

Rose Organic Liquid Soap

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