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This organic Mandarin and Geranium liquid soap is made with cold saponified organic vegetable oils. Formulated without sulphates, it respects the epidermis and offers the skin powerful moisturizing and nourishing active ingredients.


It contains organic Mandarin essential oil full of protective and repairing antioxidants and organic Geranium rosat essential oil with anti-inflammatory and balancing on sebum. Its fruity and flowery smell transports you to the heart of a citrus garden to offer you a pure moment of well-being in the shower. 


✓ Surgras (does not dry out the skin)

✓ Cold saponified

✓ 100% Natural and Organic Ingredients

✓ Vegan and palm oil free

✓ Glass bottle

✓ Handmade in France

Mandarin and Geranium Organic Liquid Soap

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