Eye Patches

These innovative eye patches offer an exceptionally snug and suited fit around the eye contour.
Certified Cosmos Organic by Ecocert, these are the first organic hydrogel eye patches on the

Thanks to their unique shape covering the entire eye zone, these « full-contour » patches can
treat simultaneously both the lower and upper lids. Infused with a formula enriched with
plant-based ingredients, they help minimize crow’s feet, dark circles and puffiness for a
refreshed and youthful looking eye contour. Their revitalizing and toning effect on the upper
eyelids also contribute to a brighter more open look.

The patches are made of natural polymers : carrageenans. These polysaccharides, which are the
components of the red algae’s cell walls, are combined with water to form a filmogenic gel
offering a fresh feel on the skin.

Instant effect: the look is beautified and revitalized in 10 minutes !




Why will you love our Eye Patches 

 The look is fresh, bright and more open

 360º moisturizing, toning and anti-congestion effect

 Smoothed fines lines and crow’s feet

 Minimized signs of fatigue


Star ingredients

GLYCERINE VEGETALE : Its humectant and hydrating properties help the skin maintain its healthy water balance.

KONJAC ROOT EXTRACT : Helps fight against signs of fatigue, including dark circles.

BARLEY GRASS WATER : A true concentrate of phyto-nutrients, it offers exceptional revitalizing properties.

HYALURONIC ACID : The ultimate hydration booster. Helps smoothen the eye contour’s fine lines

How to use ?

Apply on clean skin.


1 – Remove one patch from the backing sheet

2 – Place it around the eye so as to cover simultaneously the lower lid and the fixed
upper lid while keeping the mobile lid free.

3 – Repeat on the other eye

4 – Leave on for 10 to 15 minutes

5 – Remove the patches. Do not rinse.



99.2% of natural origin
Made in France 


Eye Patches


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