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If the Peaky Blinders had to wear a fragrance, this would be it! Fresh and zesty notes are brought together by orange and ginger. Then, the duo of cinnamon and clove spices seduces us. Tobacco leaf and Armagnac emanations reveal a bold and rich trail.


Top notes
› Orange: juicy, zesty
› Ginger: spicy, peppery, citrusy
› Armagnac: syrupy, woody, dried fruits

Heart notes
› Cinnamon: spicy, warm, reminiscent of apple pie
› Clove: spicy, gingerbread notes
› Geranium: rose, mint

Base notes
› Labdanum: leathery, liqueur-like, woody
› Vanilla: addictive, round
› Blond tobacco: woody, honeyed, smells of dried leaves

902 - Armagnac, Blond Tobacco, Cinnamon

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