This high-quality gourmet vanilla syrup is a subtle and sophisticated creation made from sugared almond, sweet vanilla flavor, and naturally filtered water from the French Alps. Teisseire vanilla syrup is a versatile flavor that brings smooth warmth to lattes, smoothies, shakes, mochas, teas, and specialty cocktails. For the pleasant and aromatic vanilla cappuccino, begin by adding Teisseire syrup in a cup, followed by perfectly frothy steamed milk and deliciously warm espresso. 


Shake before use, add a dash to flavor your drink, then adjust to your taste. We suggest adding one part syrup to 7 parts of drink to flavor, then adjust to your taste. 


Teisseire, with over 300 years of experience, will enhance any drink and add a touch of French flair to your favorite beverages and desserts without any preservatives!


23.6 oz

Vanilla Syrup