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Entertain your taste buds with an unprecedented flavorful kick of sardines with butter & sea salt from Guerande. This mesmerizing and stunning authentic French gourmet specialty will add finishing touches to your daily nutrition and, at the same time, become an irreplaceable part of your pantry.


Made with an extensive choice of carefully selected ingredients and sardines caught off the coast of Brittany, this enthralling Mediterranean product is enhanced with pure sea salt from Guerande and butter, creating an unrivaled sensation that will impress you from the first taste.


Prized for its full-flavored profile and perfectly balanced aromas, sardines with butter & sea salt from Guerande can be enjoyed on their own or paired with your favorite baguette or crostini.


4 oz

Sardines with Butter and Sea Salt

  • Sardines (75%), Concentrated Butter (Milk) (24.6%), Salt, Salt From Guérande (0.4%)

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