Teisseire hazelnut syrup has a beautifully soft, delicate, praline, and gentle flavor of toasted hazelnuts. This hazelnut syrup delivers the full depth of nutty flavor that incorporates well with your favorite desserts and beverages. Add this delicious syrup to a cup of coffee, steam some milk until frothy and pour over syrup to make a delightful hazelnut latte, or pour over espresso for a perfect hot drink.


Shake before use, add a dash to flavor your drink, then adjust to your taste. We suggest adding one part syrup to 7 parts of drink to flavor, then adjust to your taste. 


Teisseire, with over 300 years of experience, will enhance any drink and add a touch of French flair to your favorite beverages and desserts without any preservatives!


23.6 oz

Hazelnut Syrup