A refreshing, energizing and invigorating scent ... a concentrate of benefits!


The floral decoration gives a soul to your candle for moments of well-being and optimism.
All creations are handmade in Paris. Each product is unique and made in France!
A flower candle for a gift out of the ordinary.

This natural candle with soy vegetable wax is 13 cm in diameter. 
Burning time can not be guaranteed because it depends on the atmosphere of your home. It can burn around 30 hours.
Wood wicks crackle. 
The container is made with white porcelain from Limoges. 
We use dried flowers from small French producers. 


- Not tolerated by pregnant women 
- Not Tolerated by babies and children


Vegetable soy wax is very easy to clean: a little hot water, soap and voilà! 

We guarantee to send your order the following week (7 working days). 
We manufacture all our products by hand and on demand to guarantee the quality of the ingredients and the preparation.

Eucalyptus Medium


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