•Grey Salt: Authentic, unwashed and untreated, Grey Salt from Esprit du Sel obtains its color from the the nutrient rich clay lined marshes. Rich in natural minerals, this sea salt conserves all of nature's benefits. Use this salt either as whole crystals or in a salt grinder for all cooking and baking preparations.•Spiced Peppers: Esprit du Sel's Grey Sea Salt blended with various peppercorns and carefully selected herbs and spices, this Spiced Pepper blend will add a dynamic and smoky flavor to almost any culinary preparation. Use in barbecue and broths.•Herbs de Provence: Esprit du Sel's Grey Sea Salt blended with "Herbs of Provence" will add a unique and exceptional "French Touch" to your next barbecue. Use this blend in preparing marinades and rubs for meats on the grill and in barbecued or roasted veggies for a fresh herbal taste.•Fennel, Garlic & Parsley: Esprit du Sel's Grey Sea Salt blended with garlic, fennel and parsley leaves. Use this blend with any fish preparation: grilled, sauteed or baked, or try with roasted lamb or in your autumn vegetable recipes to add a fresh aromatic taste. Also try this blend with your favorite stews, tomato sauces and to spice up an Italian Sausage or Chili recipe.

Esprit du Sel (4 Jars)