This unique recipe with a smoky taste has concocted an assertive and intense sauce. A veritable explosion of flavors that will awaken the taste buds of aficionados in search of authenticity and comfort.


Made without additives or conservatives.


6.3 oz

Eggplant and Smoked Spices Sauce

  • Eggplant (25%) [Aubergine (17%) (France), Pre-Fried Eggplant (8%) (Aubergine, Sunflower Oil) (Spain)], Tomato Purée (Water, Tomato Concentrate), Water, Tomato in Tomato Juice (France/ Italy), Virgin Olive Oil, Creme (France), Pre-Fried Onion (Onion, Sunflower Oil), Spices and Herbs (Including Smoked Paprika), Corn Starch, Guérande Salt, Natural Smoked Flavoring (Flavoring Natural, Smoked Maltodextrin, Smoked Salt)


    Contains milk and possible traces of soya and eggs.