Les Poulettes has chosen the Moringa seed extract (or tree of life), a real anti-pollution shield, as the star ingredient for this detox formula.

The mask acts directly on the skin to absorb and retain the particles of pollution that suffocate it and make it dull.

It also forms a protective film that helps fight against the onslaught of your daily environment.

The skin breathes again and appears revitalized. Purified and protected from toxins and impurities, it is rejuvenated and radiant.



18 ml – 0,61 Fl.Oz

99,2% natural origin of total


1 – Unfold the mask.
2 – Apply the mask evenly across your face, pressing gently edges until it fully adheres to your face.
3 – Let it act for 10 minutes.

TIP: Use product leftover for the cleavage or the hands.

Detox Mask


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