YOUR ICONIC FRENCH PASTRY : Macarons are the iconic French pastry. Make your own beautiful and delicious French macarons and dive into authentic French flavors thanks to our baking mix. Crusty outside and chewy inside, this is how we make macaron in France!

No additives. No preservatives. Only natural ingredients.


  • OUH LA LA : Easy to prepare. Make a French meringue with 2 egg whites and 2 spoons of sugar. Add our mix. Food into a nice macaron batter and pipe the macarons.
  • ONE MACARON BAKING MIX FOR TONS OF FILLINGS : Did you know that the flavor comes only form the filling and not the shells?
  • ONLY NATURAL INGREDIENTS – No additives or preservatives – No added flavor (because we don’t need to) – Naturally gluten free – Make 20 macarons (40 shells)
  • CREATED BY AN EXPATRIATE FRENCH CHEF : to bring authentic French flavors in your kitchen

Baking Mix - Macarons